The Investigation

I’m investigating the existence of a book written by a demon.

Yes, you read that right. Yes I know how that sounds, and no, I’m not crazy. Trust me, I have been doing this a long time and didn’t enter into this investigation lightly. And before we continue, let me say before you all ask, it’s not whether or not I believe this book to exist, it’s about if the book does exist, what it means for humanity (some believe it will bring 1000 years of darkness).

Unlike my other investigations, this one will be public. You will be my team on this one. I’ll share every dot that needs connecting, every set back, every lead – everything.

I’m not sure what we’ll find. I also can’t guarantee your safety. I’ve already experienced things I can’t explain, and I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing by bringing you into this. If any part of this is true, it will change mankind forever, and that truth needs to be shared.

I also know I can’t do this alone. If you know anything about the stories, the book or have a tip for me, please call my hotline and leave a message. The number is (406) 640-3368.

I’m also financing this investigation, so if you want to contribute to the enormous costs of operating an investigation such as this, please use the button below. THANK YOU!

The Events That Led Me To This Investigation

During my 2018 “Absolute Truth World Tour”, where I visited 14 countries in just over 30 days, I had a couple of disturbing experiences.

When I do tours, people always come to be after my lecture and tell me local stories, in search of some sort of answer. These stories are usually folklore handed down over generations. Ever country and culture has them. This time was different. No matter where I was at, I heard the same three stories – and I mean the SAME stories, nearly word for word. It was eerie because these aren’t your typical urban legends.

“Heaven & Hell’s New War”
This one I heard mostly in Eastern Europe, who absolutely believed this to be true.

About thirty years ago, around 1985 or so, a guardian angel was made human by God so he could walk the Earth with one mission: to kill a demon.

“Gift Of Sight”
This one involves a woman who helped a demon capture souls. Apparently, from a very young age, she had a gift allowing her to have premonitions of catastrophic events. Because of this gift, she had no friends, except one – a demon. She’d tell the demon when a disaster was going to occur, and he would go and capture as many souls as he could.

“Soul Stealer”
This one seems related to the Gift Of Sight story and is about a demon who takes souls that aren’t his to take. Could you imagine the chaos on Earth if this were true?

As if the stories weren’t disturbing enough, I had a strange meeting with a priest at the Vatican. Because of my experiences and beliefs, I’m often invited to consult with them on various issues. In between my stops in Belgium and Poland I met with Father Guinot. He spoke with a French accent and had a weird vibe about him. Nothing I could put my finger on, but he was just strange. We talked about demonic possession, Purgatory and other things mostly related to the evil side of things.

After about an hour, I went back to my hotel. As I arrived, I got a call from my contact at the Vatican asking me where I was, and why I missed the meeting. I told her I was there and met with Father Guinot. She replied with “there’s no Father Guinot here”.

It Gets Stranger

Once I arrived home, I received a note, written in French, on very old paper. It said “I come from Purgatory”. After I started looking into Father Guinot, I received another note – in French and on the old paper, saying “If you received my note, you know who I am.”

Once I began posting about my experiences, a preacher contacted me through Twitter. He told me the stories are real, and not only are they are written by a demon named Surath. He believes if this book is brought forward it will bring 1000 years of darkness. I admit to laughing out loud when he told me that, but he pointed me to an Instagram account that backed up his knowledge of the stories.

Let me tell you, that account is disturbing as fuck.

So after taking a few days to connect the dots, finding connections that defy logic and sense, I decided the only way to know the truth was to launch a full scale investigation.