Creepy Voicemail

I received the creepiest voicemail. He didn’t leave his name or contact info, but he speaks with a Scandinavian accent. What’s odd is, it seems to be a warning of some kind, but at the end he invites me to “come see for myself”. I have no idea what that means.


I bring a warning. No sirens, no alarms, no help is coming – only my words. Accept them, embrace them.

Evil will enter your life. Don’t play it’s games.

It festers in the deep recesses of your mind, tantalizing you with it’s beauty. It falls like acid rain and seeps into every crack of your world.

Choose wisely the role you take for there may be only one chance to escape.

Let us not waste any more time on my words. Come and see for yourself that I do not bring lies to your ears.

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