Who is Father Guinot?

I can’t stop thinking about that meeting I had with “Father Guinot”. Is he a priest, and if not who the hell is he? I can’t find anything on him. It’s like he doesn’t exist. Is there a connection with our talk and the stories I heard?

Soul Stealer

The third story I kept hearing seems related to the “gift of sight” story. It has to do with a demon who takes souls that aren’t his to take. Kind of makes you wonder what might happen if this was true.

Gift Of Sight

A story I heard a few different times is one I’m calling “The Gift of Sight”. It has to do with a woman, starting from a young girl, had premonitions of natural disasters, and told her demon friend about them. He would then go and capture those souls. Very creepy.

Heaven & Hell’s New War

Whenever I do tours, #people always tell me local stories, which are usually myths handed down over generations. This time, I kept hearing the same 3 #stories. This particular #story I heard mostly in Eastern #Europe. In fact, in Hungary I had several people come to me after my lecture and tell me about a Read More …