Wally Fitch

Hi, I’m Wally Fitch.

I started investigating the supernatural and paranormal when I was 15 years old. In 2012 I founded A Walk In Darkness Investigations to find the truth within the phenomenons we don’t understand. When I enter into an investigation, rather than try to debunk the events themselves, I look to find the truth within them, proving or disproving society’s acceptance of certain things like “ghosts aren’t real” or “God is real”.

I’ve investigated the Red Room of the White House, the Old Thornton Brewery (where Al Capone was rumored to have killed several people over a dispute), Abbey Road Studios, The Amityville House, several Stave churches in Norway, North Brother Island, Anton LaVey’s Black House (AKA The Church Of Satan) and others.

Most recently, I was the chief investigator for a show called “Scenes From The Attic“, where I explored unexplained horrors that can enter your life at any moment.

Now, I find myself in the midst of my most important investigation I’ve ever done. Wish me luck, I think I may need it.